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Carl James Associates are UK based contractual exit experts who help clients get out of timeshares and resolve unfair contractual issues, reducing the need for litigation and providing a stress-free solution.


Our team of expert contractual solicitors and relinquishment specialists understand how a dream can turn into a nightmare when it comes to contracts. We provide solutions in contractual termination and contractual disputes, as well as a plethora of other services related to contracts in the UK, Europe and worldwide.


We pride ourselves on being kind, understanding, fair and trustworthy, which is why we treat every client as individuals because our reputation rests on these values.

Carl James Associates Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5.0 stars (based on 163 ratings)

Mr B & Ms M, Hamilton Relinquished February 2022

Feel all the better for being out of our ownership, no issues with the service at all. Keep up the good work

Mr & Mrs D, Bingley. Relinquished March 2022.

Everything was great, no issues at all. The only doubts I had was with myself not Carl James Associates. In the end you have to put your trust someone and I am glad it was with Carl James. Good quality of service throughout.

Mr & Mrs B, Blackpool. Relinquished March 2022

We have had a really good service from Carl James Associates. Enjoyed how things went, they kept in touch throughout and were professional all the way through. No complaints at all. Keep up the good work.

Mr & Mrs S, West Sussex. Relinquished March 2022

Fantastic news on the relinquishment. We were tired of the whole thing, being inundated with calls from other companies, but Carl James don’t cold call, you have to request they contact you. We are happy we did, the team were great from start to finish. Thank you.

Ms O & Ms M, Doncaster, Relinquished March 2022

Couldn’t be more happy with the service from Carl James. Very quick and well within the timeframe given. All the staff were helpful and kept us up to date throughout.

Mrs M, Northern Ireland. Relinquished March 2022

Happy with the relinquishment process, glad to be out of my timeshare.

Ms BH and family, Coventry. Relinquished March 2022

So happy with the outcome, we were very apprehensive at the start, but we have not been disappointed. The team who looked after us was brilliant, helpful and put our minds at rest several times, so I am glad we carried on with Carl James Associates.

Mrs N, London: Relinquished Feb 2022

From the director to the staff everyone has been impressive, and I trusted them from the start. There are not many companies where the director includes himself in the conversations, but he was brilliant. Even spoke to me and my daughter via Zoom. 

The process went very quickly and to be out of the timeshare is a weight off my mind.

All the staff were great and very informative and helpful. The whole process was smooth, and help has even been offered if we need it in the future, the support is second to none. 

Keep up the good work. 

Mr & Mrs S, Nottingham: Relinquished 10.12.21

Thank you so much for the work you have done.

It all went well and very quickly, quicker than we thought it would. 

Kept in touch all the way through and very helpful all the way.

Thanks again Carl James.

Mr I, Birmingham: Relinquished Dec 21

Wow, great news, I am so pleased I am out of my timeshare.

Carl James have been great, 100% happy.

Thank you.

Mrs S, Peterculter: Relinquished Dec 21

Very happy with everything, it all went smoothly. 

What a relief to have this sorted, despite everything going on in the world, Carl James Associates were professional throughout.

What a Christmas present, best news ever.

Mr & Mrs M, Co Tyrone: Relinquished November 2021

Carl James Associates are brilliant, I cannot thank them enough.

The empathy they showed when I was unable to work was second to none.

We found them on the internet, there was no fuss, never pushy, very clear about what they were going to do and in the end our salvation. 

Basically, Work executed by professionals, a team of great people and forever grateful for their hard work and understanding.

Mr & Mrs T, Swansea: Relinquished 30.11.2021

We are very happy to have this resolved and thanks to all the teams for the work done.

Mr & Mrs J, Aberdeenshire: Relinquished 10.11.2021

Everything went well. At first we were apprehensive about taking on Carl James to do the work, we had spoken to a lot of companies, but glad we did.

They were very professional, we work full time and they contacted us with updates at a time suitable to us, so we were kept up to date, we knew exactly what was going on throughout.

Really pleased with the service.

Mrs C, Nottingham: Relinquished 18.11.21

Really pleased to be rid of the timeshare.

Carl James were great and most ,most helpful, they kept me informed and up to date throughout the process. 

Helped me when I needed it most and took the stress away.

Also, took half time expected time they gave me, so happy with that too.

Mr A & Mrs D, Lancashire: Relinquished 22.10.21

We are so grateful for the help Carl James has given. 

The work could not have been carried out any better.

Thank you for everything, we are so pleased

Mr & Mrs V (by email): Relinquished 22.10.21

I wanted to thank everyone at Carl James for the amazingly efficient, stress-free process of terminating our time share agreement. 

I can’t believe how easy you made it for us and for the way you kept in touch and kept us informed every step of the way.

I would like to get this onto your web page and tell people that they are free to contact us if they’re unsure, but I don’t know how to do it. 

Maybe you can copy this message onto your page because I truly and honestly can highly recommend your firm. With grateful thanks.

Mr & Mrs B, Swindon: Relinquished 22.10.21

I was so sceptical before setting off on this journey, I left it mainly to me husband.

I am so happy we used Carl James though, they have been so helpful.

Now we have the letter of relinquishment, a huge weight has been taken from me.

They kept us both in the loop throughout and answered all our questions in a timely and professional manner.

Thank you for everything

Mr & Mrs P, Exeter: Relinquished 31.07.2021

Excellent service, everything went smoothly, and the work was completed quicker than we thought.
Recommend Carl James as a professional company.

Mr & Mrs S, Cheltenham: Relinquished 01.10.2021

We are really happy we used Carl James Associates, when you contact companies, there is always that little seed of doubt, but the whole process was painless.
We had regular updates and check-ups from them, and they were always on hand if we needed anything.

Mr & Mrs F, South Wirral: Relinquished 07.10.2021

Carl James helped us from the start and kept in touch all the way.
Everything went great and glad we are no longer bound with the timeshare.

Mr & Mrs B, Hoddeson: Relinquished 08.10.21

Really happy now we are out of our timeshare, Carl James kept us up to date and informed us through out.
We didn’t have to do anything, they sorted it all.

Mr & Ms R, Durham: Relinquished 08.10.21

Carl James have been amazing. We are relieved and delighted to be out of the timeshare circus.

We are so pleased we found a company to trust, and we can highly recommend them.

I wish them every success and hope more custom comes their way. We cannot put into words how good they have been.

Mr & Mrs J, Swindon: Relinquished 08.10.21

Carl James were excellent, we had paid another company who then disappeared with our money, nothing like that here, we cannot thank them enough.

We felt we were updated each time anything happened and happy with everything.

Very professional.

Mr & Mrs M, Fleet: Relinquished 24.09.2021

Despite the pandemic, everything went smoothly, kept in touch and up to date with news etc. 

All in all happy with the service, thank you.

Mr T, Fife: Relinquished 24.09.2021

Happy I am out of my timeshare, glad to see the back of it.

Carl James Associates did everything, so I just let them get on with it and forgot about it, I had no doubt at all I would get the outcome I wanted, they were great. Had every confidence in them, kept me informed and happy with the way it all went.

Mrs R, Redhill: Relinquished 09.09.21

We are so happy that the timeshare has been relinquished. Very helpful throughout

Mr & Mrs S, Kent: Relinquished 27.08.21

Thank you for your help, advice and guidance during our stressful time relinquishing our timeshare. Now all completed. Thank you 

Mrs A, Colchester: Relinquished 09.09.2021

Happy with Carl James Associates, kept us in the loop throughout.

Mr S, Surrey: Relinquished 09.09.2021

You never know who to trust when it comes to Timeshare, but I can safely say Carl James Associates are one of the companies you can.

I would never have known where to start to get this mill stone off my families back, but they were professional and courteous throughout.

Without their help, we wouldn’t know where we would be, my family would have inherited it, which we never realised, so we very glad Carl James came along and saved us a lot of money now and in the future.

Thanks again.

Mr & Mrs C, Hull: Relinquished 08.08.21

Really pleased how smoothly things went. All communication was relevant and clear, so we knew where we were at each stage, so, yes happy with the whole process.

Mrs H, Cirencester: Relinquished 06.08.2021

Oh my, everything has gone so swiftly, very nice and no pressure from anyone, wonderful team.

A weight has been taken off our minds and the whole process has been seamless from first speaking to Carl James Associates to getting out.

Simply wonderful.

Mr & Mrs R, Hampton: Relinquished 09.08.2021

We appreciate all the help you have given. There was a delay but that was our fault not yours.

We have had calls from other companies saying you would not get us out, but you kept us involved throughout the process and if we needed explanations, you have been phenomenal in putting our minds at rest and explaining everything.

We are happy we kept the faith and thanks for succeeding where others have let us down.

Mrs D, Wigan: Relinquished 06.08.2021

The whole process with yourselves went really smoothly. You contacted us frequently to keep us up to date throughout, we are really happy with everything, thank you.


Mr Miller & Ms A, Liverpool: Relinquished 23.07.2021

All went well, even when we’ve had COVID. We are happy with the result and the feedback throughout was good so thank you very much.

Mr P and Miss W, Surrey: Relinquished 07.07.2021

Things have gone really well. The contact from yourselves was good, you kept us updated throughout so thank you very much.

Mrs R, Hertfordshire: Relinquished 21.07.2021

The process went well, you were in contact with us throughout. I am happy with the outcome, thank you very much.

Mr G and Miss N, Chesterfield: Relinquished 20.07.2021

Everything went well, if we had questions, they were answered in a timely fashion and everyone was helpful with updates as they happened. Really pleased with the process

Mr J, Stockton-on- Tees: Relinquished 27.05.2021

Everything was absolutely fine, really simple. We have had no problems throughout our experience with Carl James Associates.

Mrs L, Worthing: Relinquished 28.06.2021

Thank you all so much, I am very pleased. I cant tell you how grateful I am to all of you. I really am so pleased and so grateful, it’s made my day. I am absolutely delighted. I know it hasn’t been easy for you or anyone due to covid but I am more than happy. I will actually be sad once my second timeshare has been relinquished as we won’t get to talk anymore and I have always been treated so kindly. I am happy for you to take a testimonial because you deserve it. Please use my name as a testament to yourselves.

Well to be honest, the communication has been absolutely great. Ever since speaking with Aly and Diane I have been confident in your company. It’s absolutely great news I have been relinquished. Carl James Associates are a company who I would definitely recommend and will be recommending to my friends who also have timeshares. I was worried at first because so many people have been scammed but I am really glad I chose you. I have found Diane and Aly and everyone at the office so helpful. You guys have called me regularly with updates and I always get answered or get a call back if I have called you. The whole process has just really been stress free. I struggled to get the funds together at the beginning but Carl James Associates put together a method of payment that fit my budget. I almost fell off my chair when you informed me of relinquishment. I am really happy and you have made my weekend so thank you so much.

Ms G, Surrey: Relinquished 28.06.2021

I am absolutely over the moon, I can sleep at night now. I was sceptical at first but everything worked out. Absolutely couldn’t complain at all, it was worth every penny, I wish I had known about you years ago. I highly recommend you to everyone who is in the same position. Everyone has been so nice and proactive and you have given me updates throughout. Thank you so much, it’s been a relief.

Mrs G, Leeds: Relinquished 28.06.2021

All went well, really good news. Happy with the process. Most definitely pleased that we are now relinquished.

Mr and Mrs C, Wolverhampton: Relinquished 22.06.2021

All good, happy with the process. We defiantly feel less pressure our end now we have been relinquished. Thank you.

Mrs C, Kent: Relinquished 22.06.2021

Professional service, friendly and courteous. Did what they said they would do and I am now free of my timeshare.

Mr & Mrs W, Romsey: Relinquished 22.06.2021

Everyone was helpful and kept us in the picture throughout.

Done in no time at all, well within the time given.

Happy to out and free of the timeshare nightmare.

Mrs S, Leicestershire: Relinquished 08.07.2021

All through COVID someone from Carl James has been available and they never once made me feel like a burden.

Going through something like this alone can be stressful, but everyone is so helpful.

Happy to be out.

Mr and Mrs D, Northumberland: Relinquished 08.07.2021

We are absolutely delighted, you have been brilliant and worth every penny. We’re over the moon, you really have been great. You did exactly what you said you would do. If we ever received anything that worried us from our timeshare you would always come back to us and help us through it. You were there for us throughout. I would tell anyone with any doubts about proceeding with you that you are brilliant. Thank you very much.

Mr and Mrs H, Kirkaldy: Relinquished 14.05.2021

It all went well, no worries at all. You were very professional and everything just went great. We actually wish we had done it sooner so thank you very much.

Mr and Mrs F, Bath: Relinquished 16.04.2021

We thought it would take a little bit longer due to COVID, so pleased it has all been resolved in the timeframe given.

Carl James Associates are very professional and when I was taken into hospital, they were very supportive as we gave the responsibility to our son who is also very impressed with them.

We would recommend any one to use Carl James Associates.

Mr and Mrs L, Huntley: Relinquished 17.05.2021

Everything was seamless from the zoom to the relinquishment, quite painless.

Very professional, kept informed throughout and the team at CJA were great, friendly and helpful.

Great service

Mr and Mrs P, London: Relinquished 16.04.2021

We have been really impressed actually. It’s hard to have 100% confidence when there are so many scammers out there but we are really happy with everything you have done and are pleased we decided to go down this route so thank you very much.

Mr and Mrs R, Cheshunt: Relinquished 11.05.2021

We were very happy with Carl James, very professional and helpful.

Communication was superb, they kept in touch at all stages and were on hand if we had any questions.

Great service.

Mr R.

Everything went fine, with lockdown we understood it could take a little longer but everything went well.

Mr and Mrs W, Poole: Relinquished 24.04.2021

It’s been excellent, hasn’t been any hiccups and you have kept us informed. Thank you very much.

Mr and Mrs R, Hertfordshire: Relinquished21.05.2021

All went well. We can finally breathe now. You have given us updates throughout and it’s been brilliant. Thank you very much for the good news, you’ve made my day.

Ms L, London: Relinquished 18.05.2021

Carl James Associates have been amazing, the process was seamless.

They kept in contact with regular updates, very helpful.

Can’t fault them at all

Mr and Mrs G, West Yorkshire: Relinquished 14.05.2021

Everything went really well, you were in contact with us throughout. We have no complaints so thank you very much.

Mr and Mrs S, Nairn: Relinquished 18.05.2021

Overall, the experience with yourselves was everything we could’ve expect. We are really glad we are now rid of our timeshare.

Mr and Mrs L, Cheltenham: Relinquished 14.05.2021

There were a couple of hiccups at the start, but once they were sorted everything went smoothly.

Good communication and service throughout.

Happy to be out of our timeshare.

Mr and Mrs H, Burnley: Relinquished 03.05.2021

Everything and everyone has been fantastic.

Found Carl James Associates on Facebook, so glad we contacted you.

Everything was made easy, we can not thank you enough.

Clear, concise, professional and felt at ease with all the team.

Contact was regular and clear, can’t fault it.

Mr and Mrs A, Carnforth: Relinquished 25.05.2021

You’ve been good as gold. We have had no worries whatsoever throughout our experience with yourselves. We are really glad we are relinquished and that our kids are now safe from it being passed on to them. Thank you so much.

Mr and Mrs G, Glasgow: Relinquished 16.04.2021

Good service, happy with Carl James Associates.

Mr and Mrs C, Solihull: Relinquished 30.04.2021

I just needed to say thanks. We had our timeshare contract terminated within the year despite the pandemic. We received several phone calls in this time just to chat and to make sure we had no more questions. We also received emails during this time warning us of scams during this period. We had fallen foul of a scan firm before and it was refreshing to be able to discuss this and be confident in the process.

Ms S, Brentwood: Relinquished 03.05.2021

The process was a lot quicker than expected. I thought it would take longer so that’s great. It was all quite good actually. You kept me up to date on the process throughout.

Mr and Mrs T, Hull: Relinquished 03.05.2021

Absolutely brilliant! Since we came on board with you there has been nothing for us to do except sign some forms and next thing you know you called us to say it was all done. Fantastic, thank you ever so much.

Mr M and Ms P, Lancashire: Relinquished 19.04.2021

It took a little while but we understand that our timeshare was being difficult. Overall we are perfectly happy with the outcome. So thank you very much.

Mr and Mrs A, Bury: Relinquished 15.04.2021

Everything was brilliant, it was all nice and easy. We are really happy, thank you very much.

Mrs M, Essex: Relinquished 03.05.2021

Marvellous. No issues, you kept me updated and have been really helpful. Wow, you have all been brilliant.

Mr and Mrs L, Liverpool: Relinquished 03.05.2021

All went well, the whole process has been painless. We’ve had plenty of contact from you guys. Thank you very much.

Mr and Mrs A, Kent: Relinquished 19.02.2021

Everything went really well, you guys were brilliant. We are really impressed with the service. Thank you very much.


Mr and Mrs M, Rowley Regis: Relinquished 12.02.2021.

Everything went well, all superb. Process was quick and contact was good. Thank you very much.

Mr C, Hampshire: Relinquished 12.04.2021

I am happy it has been sorted and everything has been completed in the timeframes given by Carl James Associates 


Mr D and Ms S, Wiltshire: Relinquished 08.01.2021

Very happy with the way Carl James Associates handled our relinquishment.

Very little communication but that is not a bad thing as unobtrusive.

Dealt with it superbly.


Mr & Mrs B, West Midlands: Relinquished 26.03.2021

From the initial contact with Carl James Associates through to the completion of the termination of our American timeshare, there has been total professionalism and regular secure communication throughout. We were initially very wary of parting with the fee but as it was on credit card and we had the reassurance that we would receive a full refund if the specialist legal team could not terminate the contract, our minds were put at rest.

The process was lengthy, probably around 9 months, but it was a smooth and simple one for us. We now have the formal termination paperwork and the future back up from Carl James to act on our behalf, if necessary.

We are more than happy to recommend them.

Mr B & Mrs C, Dorset: Relinquished 19.02.2021

It did take longer than we expected but due to COVID not everyone was available to update us on a regular basis, so we accepted this would be the case.

It has now been completed so happy and as we are in our twilight years; we have one thing less to worry about.

Thank you, Carl James

Mr & Mrs P, Selby: Relinquished 08.01.2021

We thought it was a bit slow, but with COVID and working from home it was to be expected, plus when you are not doing the work yourself, you do not see what goes on behind the scenes, so in your head you expect things to happen faster.

Always professional and helpful, incredibly happy all in all to have this sorted.

Mr L, Kent: Relinquished 10.07.2020

Top class service, nothing too much trouble, everything went like a dream.

With remote working and COVID I thought it would be difficult, but the team were on hand to help right the way through. 

Everything ran smoothly. 1st class, can’t fault the way it went.

Thank you, Carl James.

Mr R and Miss W, Goole: Relinquished 12.02.2021

We were expecting a huge delay due to COVID but everything went great.

We had a good relationship with everyone and was kept up to date despite everything else going on.

Always got back if we left messages and helped us through the process with no complications.

Mr and Mrs H, Middlesex: Relinquished 25.02.2021

We have received the relinquishment letter for the Termination of our Timeshare with Orange Lake.


At this time, we come to say thank you all for your professionalism and support given to us, so we have closure from the Timeshare. 


At times it has been difficult to deal with but now we have sheer relief. 


We had a good team from CJA and so we send our last communication, the job completed.


Thank you.

Mr and Mrs G, Glasgow: Service Engaged 02.09.2020, Not Yet Relinquished

Carl James has given excellent service. I have no complaints.


Mr and Mrs T, Ashford: Relinquished 12.02.2021

All good. Was done quick, really pleased. We have lost money before with another company so we were very dubious at first but we are very pleased it worked out the way it did. Thank you.

Mr and Mrs W, Sandacre: Relinquished 12.02.2021

All went well. Was aware it may take a while but it was all done quickly and we received good communication throughout.

Mr and Mrs S, Heybridge: Relinquished 12.02.2021

All went fine. Covid hasn’t helped but it was still all done quick enough. Thank you very much.

Mr Y, Carshalton: Relinquished 12.02.2021

Took around a year so was all on time. Correspondence from you was good.

Mr & Mrs G, Eastbourne: Relinquished 05.02.2021

We have 100% trust in Carl James Associates, whatever they said they would do, they have done.

Regular updates, & instant reply on enquiries when we had any.

We were sceptical at first as tried another company first with no outcome, but completely happy with Carl James. Glad we used with them.

Mr & Mrs W, Conwy: Relinquished 18.12.2020

Carl James Associates were an easy company to be with. Updates were readily available and everyone was friendly.

Very good service throughout.

Mr & Mrs M, Essex: Relinquished 18.12.2020

Everything went smoothly and quickly, completely satisfied with the process and professionalism of Carl James Associates.

Mr & Mrs J, Pontypridd: Relinquished 05.02.2021

Very efficient in everything. If we had questions, they would get back in a suitable time, and communication was always friendly and professional. Easy process to contact and they gave updates when necessary

Mr & Mrs T, Sheffield: Relinquished 21.01 2021

Although we thought it had taken quite a while, you have to factor in that we are in a pandemic.

Happy with the overall process, and we eventually got the outcome we wanted.

Glad it’s all over. Thank you.

Mr & Mrs H, Prestwick: Relinquished 05.02.2020

All fine, communication was good, had phone numbers in case we needed anything, and all our questions were answered.

Everything went smoothly and it was a big relief when we got our letter to say we were out.

Mr & Mrs S, Rotherham: Relinquished 05.02.2021

Happy with the way things went, easy from our point of view, everything was done for us, with regular updates.

Easy process and obviously over the moon with the outcome.

Mr P and Ms J, Powys: Relinquished 05.02.2021

Carl James Associates did exactly what they said they would. 

No problems at all, kept in touch throughout.

First class service

Mr & Mrs B, Bristol: Relinquished 05.02.2021

The whole process was very smooth, we got a letter to say we were relinquished.

With Lockdown and COVID we were expecting delays but to be honest, everyone has done what they said, in the time given, so very pleased.

Mrs S, Northampton: Relinquished 05.02.2021

Defiantly recommend Carl James Associates, pleased with everything.

Understand these things take time, but it only took a few months to get me out.

Thank you.

Mr & Mrs P, Leeds: Relinquished 05.02.2021

We can’t complain at all, the whole service was very good.

Kept in regular communication with updates and next steps.

Happy with everything about Carl James Associates

Mr C, Bristol: Date Relinquished 18.12.2020.

 I highly recommend the team of Carl James Associates. I have been given professional advice from start to finish. Excellent customer service and prompt response to my queries. They are extremely transparent regarding timescale, cost, risk, financial returns and any chances of success. I would recommend them to anyone who needs termination of their timeshare ownership or advice. They helped me terminate my ownership and relieved me of the ever-increasing maintenance fee. Thank you so much Carl James Associates.


Mr and Mrs D, Oxfordshire: Date Relinquished 02.10.2020.

We would like to thank you for the work done in relinquishing us from our time share contract.

Everything you have done has been very professional and we are grateful that Carl James Associates were up front with both costs and timescales. Other companies that we had discussed our situation with were not so forthcoming and had little or no guarantees in place.

With the restrictions placed on everyone due to the pandemic we were pleased to receive our relinquishment letter ahead of schedule!

Thank you once again for your professionalism, and friendliness, in helping us release ourselves from the ongoing and ever-increasing costs of timeshare ownership.

Yours sincerely

Mr And Mrs M, Staffordshire: Date Relinquished 25.09.2020.

We are happy with the outcome and feel it has been a success. You did what you said you would do with no fuss. Thank you.


Mr S and Miss D, Wiltshire: Date Relinquished 08.01.2021.

We found you through Facebook and proceeded with a consultation that went really well. We went through everything in detail with the contract specialist and had a really good conversation.


The experience with CJA was painless. We thought it was going to take a while, but the relinquishment was swift and completed in around 6 months.


You and the legal representatives kept in touch really well, thank you very much.


Mr and Mrs G, Ballymena: Date Relinquished 25.09.2020.

I found dealing with Carl James Associates and Fullbrook Associates very helpful as each step in the process was fully explained and documented.  The timescale from commencement to completion was about what had been said at the start.

Mr and Mrs H: Date Relinquished 15.12.2020.

I just want to say Christmas came early today on receiving your response. I truly thought we would still in a dark place come January.

I want to express our elation that we are now free from the Timeshare, and we can be in a better place for 2021.

Many thanks for your the work you have done in achieving a positive outcome.

What an outcome, a very good end to a challenging year.

Mr & Mrs K, Bridlington: Date Relinquished 02.10.2020

No issues You did everything we asked you to do. It’s been lovely to know somebody is on our side. Thanks so much.


Mr & Mrs J, Fortrose: Date Relinquished 09.10.2020

We received good communication from Carl James Associates and were kept up to date on everything. We are very happy with the way things have gone.


Mr & Mrs C, Hertfordshire: Date Relinquished 09.10.2020

So far, so good. It’s been a challenging time for everyone due to COVID 19 but you said you would have it done within 12 months and you have kept to that agreement. Very pleased, thank you very much.


Mr & Mrs L, London: Date Relinquished 30.10.2020

Very happy. I knew it would take time but there were no problems. To be relinquished, we can’t thank Carl James Associates enough.


Mr & Mrs S, Luton: Date Relinquished 16.10.2020

All great, really easy. We were quite surprised. The relinquishment was completed fast and we received good communication throughout. Thank you.


Ms B, Nottinghamshire: Date Relinquished 29.08.2020

Carl James Associates were very helpful and efficient. They have left me very happy.


Mr and Mrs L, Hereford: Date Relinquished 27.11.2020

We are so happy; everything has gone so well. It has only taken 5 months and we cannot fault anything.

Carl James Associates have kept all the promises made, kept in touch throughout and made the process so straight forward.

Great work, keep it up. 

Mr M, Scotland: Date Relinquished 11.09.2020

I was quite apprehensive to begin with as spoken to many other companies offering their services.

I am glad I did choose Carl James as they did a very satisfactory job.  I am happy with their work and obviously the outcome, as I am out of my timeshare.

Mr & Mrs S, Grantham: Date Relinquished 11.09.2020

We can only say as we find and would like to say our dealings with Carl James Associates in our recent relinquishment of out holiday ownership was both professional and prompt. Everything was explained from the start and a speedy outcome was provided.

I would definitely recommend them for anyone thinking about getting out of their timeshare 

Mr & Mrs P, Dunfermline: Date Relinquished 11.09.2020

We thought it would take longer with the COVID situation, but we were surprised to be out in the time given. Everyone particularly good and always on hand if we needed anything. Happy we are free of our timeshare. 

Mr D, Essex: Date Relinquished 14.08.2020

Very polite and respectful from the start, good attention to detail and no pressure at all from any one in Carl James. If I had an issue it was dealt with quickly and professionally. Very happy with the service, 5 stars to them for their help.

Mr & Mrs E, Lincoln: Date Relinquished 14.08.2020

Always there if we emailed or called, if they were not, they replied quickly and followed everything up.

Glad we have no more maintenance fees and that is down to Carl James Associates.

Mr & Mrs D, Ipswich: Date 14.08.2020

The communication was second to none. We even spoke to the director, who put our minds at ease.

Not pushy at all, very knowledgeable and allowed us time to make our mind up.

We had used another company and we got nothing from them. Carl James Associates were great, never demanded or pushed, but there when we needed anything. We appreciate all they have done.

Mr & Mrs G, London: Date Relinquished 29.08.2020

Happy with the service, did not take as long as we expected.

Have a letter to confirm we out and all communication was easily followed.

Ms.B, Berkshire: Date Relinquished 14.08.2020

CJA Made the process of relinquishment very painless and not “quite enjoyable” as such but the equivalent.

Mr T & Mrs H, Hampshire: Date Relinquished 12.06.2020

We were impressed to have the timeshare relinquished in about 6 months

Left a good impression with us the speed and professionalism

Not heard from the timeshare company either, which is always a bonus.

Mr K, Wigan: Date Relinquished 29.05.2020

I cannot express how good Carl James Associates are.

My partner passed away unexpectedly at Christmas and the support was tremendous.

You did everything for me and looked after the relinquishment and me very well.

Belting company.

Mr S & Ms D, Cannock: Date Relinquished 17.04.2020

We were in two minds and unsure if we wanted to use a company like Carl James Associates to relinquish our timeshare but when we looked at the website it looked professional so contacted you.

This followed all the way through, professional, courteous and the understanding of the whole team was great, if we rang the phone was answered or retuned in a quick time period.

Everything was spot on.

Mr & Mrs M, Essex: Date Relinquished 06.04.2020

It was very comforting to know that if I got in contact with Carl James Associates the way you responded was quick, helpful and no trouble.

Very happy with the whole process.

Mr & Mrs B, Banbury: Date Relinquished 28.08.2020

Given the situation of people working from home with COVID we did not expect this to move very quickly, but there were no hiccups and things have gone exactly as we expected and hoped, with little fuss or contact.

The experience has been excellent, not passed from pillar to post, and we were updated when we needed to be.

Mr & Mrs L, Milton Keynes: Date Relinquished 26.06.2020

May we sincerely thank you for your services in terminating our contract and in appreciation if requested, will be pleased to recommend CJA for their considerations and professionalism.

I am not one for giving praise, but everything went great.

Mr S, Aylesbury: Date Relinquished 06.04.2020

Very many thanks to you and the team for ensuring that we have reached a successful outcome.

I will happily recommend you services to others if you require.

Mr T & Ms M, Burton-on- Trent: Date Relinquished 01.05.2020

My wife and myself approached Carl James Associates for assistance when we tried to rescind our timeshare/holiday ownership agreement. 

We were paying into what we thought was an investment for a holiday home for ourselves in Malta, which would be ours after we had finished paying for it. 

The apartment/studio we had been shown when we joined in February last year whilst on holiday in Malta, was beautiful with amazing views, but upon return to the location last October we found this to not be the case. When we returned to the UK we elected to terminate the holiday ownership as we had been told it would cost a significant amount more in money to upgrade to get the accommodation we thought we’d been paying for all the time. 

The timeshare provider threatened us with legal action, so we contacted Carl James Associates, we had a free consultation and straight away they said they could help us relinquish the holiday ownership.

As soon as Carl James Associates took on our case, all the threatening calls, emails and letters from the timeshare provider plus a debt collection agency the timeshare provider enlisted to harass us stopped.

Carl James Associates has continually kept checking up on ourselves throughout the progress of our relinquishment,  either by phone or email to see how we are and that we are both ok, plus to keep us fully informed of how our relinquishment case was progressing and put our minds at ease if we had any concerns. 

Just knowing Carl James Associates are merely a phone call/email away has given us so much reassurance and has been most comforting and without their support and understanding and them relentlessly pursuing a relinquishment for us, I don’t know what we would have done. 

We can’t recommend Carl James Associates enough so please, if you find yourselves trapped like we were in a timeshare/holiday ownership and you want to leave it but can’t, don’t hesitate to contact Carl James Associates as we guarantee they will get the outcome you want.

Mr & Mrs P M, Tonbridge – Date Relinquished 28/06/2019

We are grateful to Carl James Associates for the professional way in handling our exit from our timeshare ownership within a reasonable time scale, keeping us informed of the progress every step of the way, Thanks again.

Mr W B, Kent – Date Relinquished April 2019

Hi, just a quick thanks for all you have done regarding my time share release. As well you know I began the journey with some trepidation having had a bad experience with a previous company. I needn’t have worried as the whole process was great. Communication was first class with yourselves and the solicitor up to the desired end result.
Thanks once again.

Mr & Mrs N, Nottingham – Date Relinquished April 2019

For those wishing to terminate their holiday club membership, I could not recommend more highly Carl James Associates, their team has brought about the relinquishment of our membership in the time that they said they would, they kept us informed all through the process, and they were always very helpful when we had a query.
I was very sceptical about their ability to terminate our membership as quickly as they said, because previously we had tried with another company, who claimed to have secured our exit, but we still kept getting bills and threats of debt collectors. We paid a lot of money to this other company, and at the end of the day our membership was not terminated, needless to say we did not get a refund.
Carl James Associates offered us a money back guarantee if unsuccessful, which we found reassuring, this gave us the confidence to appoint them to represent ourselves, and we have had no regrets in so doing.

Mrs I, Crewe – Date Relinquished 14.06.19

There have been no problems with anything at all, I have been very happy with everything.
I am happy the timeshare is gone and off my hands.
I don’t have to worry about them contacting me, and if they do, I know I can still contact you and legal.
I appreciate your help 100%

Mr & Mrs G, Leeds – Date Relinquished 26.06.2019

It was like a ton weight had been taken off my shoulders, I was in a really good mood when we were told.
I know I was very sceptical at the beginning, and I had lots of questions, but now over the moon with the whole thing.
Everything has been handled very well and, again we are over the moon, we have always been able to get in touch when we called and both Carl James and the legal side have kept us informed throughout.

Mr & Mrs S, Salisbury – Date Relinquished July 2019

My wife and I contacted Carl James Associates having researched a range of firms. We decided we wanted them to act on our behalf in extracting us from our contract with Diamond Resorts. The “timeshare” market has changed dramatically since we joined 20 years ago and we were no longer able to travel abroad frequently or pay the inflated management fees.
Following a face-to-face consultation with one of their staff at our home we engaged Carl James Associates and subsequently spoke to legal specialists, a firm of solicitors. We were asked to provide evidence to support our goal and within a matter of months our contract had been terminated.
We were very impressed with the speed and efficiency with which both firms acted – they obviously have a good rapport with each other. We were able to contact Carl James staff whenever I needed clarification or an update on progress.
We have no hesitation in recommending the firm.

Mrs J B, West Yorkshire – Date Relinquished May 2019

Dear Diane and Charley

I would like to take the opportunity to commend yourselves and by extension Carl James Associates as a company for your professionalism, but most of all your compassion and understanding from the first day of my enquiry to the relinquishment of my timeshare. I have been unhappy locked into a timeshare agreement for many years that has had no resemblance to what I purchased in 1999 as numerous companies took over, the goal posts changed in there favour.
I felt enthused to write to hopefully reassure any potential customers that may be deliberating over taking the step to start a case against there timeshare company, and I am giving permission for my letter to be read in part or full from a satisfied customer of relinquishment of timeshare.

It’s outrageous that my timeshare company tied me into paying three years maintenance fees without being able to use the facilities for relinquishment through them. It has taken just over three months for my timeshare to be relinquished by using Carl James Associates and I feel free of the pressure to keep paying my maintenance fee.

Through using Carl James the expenses to myself was considerably reduced, also the completion of relinquishment was faster and I can now pursue for compensation. I have recommended Carl James Associates to persons locked into timeshare agreements and will continue to do so.

Mr & Mrs F, West Sussex, Date relinquished: 16/04/19

Mr & Mrs F
West Sussex
Date service engaged: 05/11/18
Date relinquished: 16/04/19


Testimonial given by grandson Mr H as has (POA)
My grandparents have received their relinquishment letter regarding the timeshare and are really pleased.
There were never any issues with the services of Carl James Associates, they were so helpful.
Everything has been carried out smoothly on our part, and no problems have arisen.
Pleased with the communications from Carl James throughout and very happy with it all.

Mrs A V Sm, Somerset – Date Relinquished 12/03/2019

Date Relinquished 12/03/2019


“I would like to say a very big “Thank you” to everyone at Carl James Associates who helped me on my way to the relinquishment of my timeshare. I was given regular updates of what was going on and any questions I had were answered promptly and reassuringly. I felt supported all the way through and I now have my certificate of relinquishment. Brilliant job! Xxx”

Mr & Mrs G, Leeds – Date service engaged 19/11/18

Awaiting Relinquishment 03/05/2019


“We are very happy with how things are going. We have recently spoken with our appointed solicitor. And we are happy with the progress she is making. The solicitor has reassured us that we are in good hands and that we will get the result we are looking for. We very happy with the correspondence so far. We are really pleased with the professionalism of Carl James Associates and pleased with how things are going. We know that the solicitors are good at what they do, and that they are FCA regulated and Law society approved. We await our relinquishment with confidence.”

Mrs B, Halifax – Date service engaged 06/02/19

Awaiting Relinquishment 07/04/19


“The legal services team have regularly been giving monthly updates by post which is very good. I am quite respectful that the legal team are busy but is keeping me updated and I am happy with all the progress made so far well I am “Absolutely delighted” with all the work completed so far. “Really really pleased” I know that there is nothing I need to worry about. It took a while for Diamond Resorts to respond to Legal, they were dragging their feet a little, but Carl James Associates and Legal have kept me informed of all of this. I was very upset the last time I visited my Timeshare; the condition of the resort was not up to any standard. I bought a private exclusive members club and was very upset the last time I visited as it was very clear it was not private or exclusive. I got in touch with Carl James Associates via the internet maybe 1 or 2 months before I went on holiday, and if I was ever deliberating going ahead with Carl James Associates, this is what made my mind up 100%. I know Carl James Associates are a good company and that I can trust them. And I know I have done “Absolutely the right thing”. I cannot wait to be relinquished, Carl James associates have been very good and informative throughout the whole process. I know that it can be frightening for customers at first paying money to a company, but I now feel very comfortable and relaxed with everything. I have already been informing people of the work Carl James have done for me and I never felt like I was just paying out money and nothing would happen I knew it would. I am extremely happy with Carl James Associates.”

Mr & Mrs B, Hampshire – Date service engaged 08/04/19

Awaiting Relinquishment 05/05/2019


“We are so happy with everything so far. (Diane) Carl James keeps in touch. The legal team have given us so much confidence. It is nice and very reassuring to know that someone is there. Carl James Associates has a very positive energy about them, and we finally know we are in good hands.”

Mr D & Mrs R, London – Date service engaged 19/01/19

Awaiting Relinquishment 01/05/2019


“We are very pleased with Carl James Associates. We are also very happy with the correspondence from CJA. The communication is great and always has been we are also very happy with the regular calls and updates and that CJA check in with us regularly. We are confident with the process and happy that CJA and Legal have kept us updated throughout. CJA have given us complete confidence and reassurance.”

Mr & Mrs H, Preston – Date service engaged: 28/02/19

Date service engaged: 28/02/19
Interim testimonial:08/05/18


The original meeting went well, and the paper work was straight forward
I don’t want to be bombarded with loads of emails and letters, so as far as I am concerned, you are
doing your duties, and everything is running smoothly.
I am happy so far with everything.

Mr & Mrs H, Essex – Date service engaged: 23/01/19

Mr & Mrs H
Date service engaged: 23/01/19
Interim testimonial: 07/05/19


Everything is fine, we are happy with the work that is being done and the communication we receive
from Carl James.
It’s not like a house, where you can see what is going up, we are waiting for the work to be
complete, to see the final results.
All in all though happy so far.

Mr & Mrs T, Coventry – Date service engaged: 25/10/18

Mr & Mrs T
Date service engaged: 25/10/18
Interim testimonial: 08/05/19


We are in a position where we have holidays booked, so work is not really progressing at the
moment due to this.
Since we signed our contracts, you have been in regular touch with me, and I am happy with that,
even though there is not much to report.
We did get a circular email from our resort, which I forwarded to Carl James, and they called me
straight away to discuss and give peace of mind.

Mr & Mrs G, Durham – Date service engaged: 11/02/19

Mr & Mrs G
Date service engaged: 11/02/19
Interim testimonial: 10/05/19


We initially decided to cancel our contract as we had been with another company for about 2 years and got nowhere, we did not know who to trust.
After doing our due diligence on the company and speaking again several times with them, we decided to come back and use their services.
We are happy with what they are doing, and I just want to be kept in touch with, with updates. I understand all this can take time, and you are keeping in touch so very happy.

Mr & Mrs P, Staffordshire – Date service engaged: 06/02/19

Mr & Mrs P
Date service engaged: 06/02/19
Interim Testimonial: 15/05/19


We have had continued updates from the legal team. We understand that resorts will drag their feet. Everything is going great and the communication from Carl James Associates and Legal is excellent. I didn’t receive a birthday card from the resort this year, so I see that as a good thing. No emails or anything. It is nice to have someone to get in touch with every once a month or so to say things are going along nicely and things are okay

Mr & Mrs B-W, Kent – Date Service Engaged 09/05/19

Interim Testimonial


When you hear about some companies, you wonder if they are going to take your money and run, or something along those lines, but because I am having the updates from yourselves and have found information on-line about both Carl James and the legal company, I am more comfortable about the situation.
Lots of people want to get away from their timeshare and a lot of people have been burnt when they use some of these companies.
Carl James engage with us in a manner we would expect, because of this, I am getting a better comfort level, and if this helps other people, I am happy to say so.

Mr & Mrs D, West Sussex – Date Service Engaged 21/05/19

Interim Testimonial

Everything is going great. We were told it would take around 12-16 weeks, so we weren’t expecting anything from anyone until around the end of May/beginning of June. All I can say is everything is positive. We have had regular contact with Carl James Associates, regular phone calls, they kept me in the loop, I can’t ask for any more than that, but we’ve always had contact with you, or you’ve been in contact with us, so I’ve got nothing but praise for that. So many people do it and you don’t hear anything else from anyone at all. You know that someone’s taken an interest in what they do and they’re not grabbing my money and doing nothing and forgetting about me the client. They do what they say, and I am Happy with everything and how things are going.

Mr & Mrs T, Cowdenbeath – Date Relinquished 28/05/19

Date Relinquished 28/05/19

“I promised that I would write a testimony for you so here it goes; I hope you are happy with it. My wife and I were at our wits end in trying to get out of CLC after finding out that the money we invested for our children was never going to materialise and after being let down by another company in trying to get released, I got a phone-call from Tom of Carl James Associates. Tom came to our house in Scotland on a Saturday afternoon and we discussed everything, and he told us that he could get us out, but it may take a few months. He also told us that we would get regular updates and he would keep in touch. Everything Tom promised has come to fruition, he kept in touch as did his assistant Diane Matthews, which was a great relief to us. We thank you for this. I would have no hesitation in recommending Carl James Associates to anyone who have had problems terminating their timeshare agreement.”

Mr & Mrs R, Birmingham – Date Relinquished 27/04/19

Date Relinquished 27/04/19

“Everything has gone smoothly, and we have had the good news we are out of our timeshare. Our legal representative was fine and has done everything they said they would Carl James Associates were very pleasant, from the consultant coming to see us to keeping in touch throughout. All in all, very happy with the service.”

Mr & Mrs P, East Sussex – Date Relinquished 27/04/19

Date Relinquished 27/04/19

“Received the letter to say the relinquishment has been complete, happy days. If you ever want me to recommend Carl James Associates, I am more than happy to do so. I can’t praise Carl James Associates enough for what you have done for us. To be honest, I haven’t had to do anything, its been all dealt with by the legal representative and Carl James Associates and she always kept us updated with monthly letters and updates from the resort. I have been happy with the service provided, of course I have. The money has been worth it, in the end we will end up saving money and will continue to save a lot more. It’s sad that it has come to the end, we’ve had some good holidays out of our timeshare, but that’s life, its done and dusted and I’m glad that were out of it. Especially when you see recent reviews from the holiday resorts. Legal have done a good job and I am extremely happy with the result. I am ever so grateful.”

Mr & Mrs K, Liverpool – Date Relinquished 23/05/19

Date Relinquished 23/05/19

“I would recommend Carl James Associates At the beginning you are obviously sceptical, once a company has your money, you don’t always get what you are promised, but I can honestly say we have. Everything has gone smoothly, no hiccups or anything like that, so I am more than happy. It’s been brilliant from start to finish.”

Mr H, Liverpool – Date Relinquished 03/06/19

Date Relinquished 03/06/19

“Carl James Associates were very very friendly. I felt like I was treated very fairly throughout the whole process. Everything was very prompt, and I was never kept waiting or hanging about on the phone or anything like that. Everything was done quicker than I expected, all my expectation were lead very accurately step by step, checking everything was going to plan, letting me know what I needed to sign, keeping me up to date. It’s still hard to believe that I am out of my timeshare. It was so thorough, and quick. Cannot believe how smooth the whole process has been, Tom himself was very friendly and very reassuring in helping me. 5 out 5 stars. Thanks!”

Mr & Mrs S, Portsmouth – Date Relinquished 02/04/19

Date Relinquished 02/04/2019

“We had been members of the Royal Goan Beach Club since 2001. It was not many years later that we realised that the holiday style offered was not much to our liking and nor was it of interest to other members of the family. We had no idea how to terminate the contractual arrangement. In 2017 we changed from a straight week entitlement to a points-based system with the expectation that it would be more flexible and suitable for us. What we did not realise was that we then had, in effect, two timeshare arrangements. We were advised to contact Carl James Associates (CJA) for advice by a national timeshare registry. The CJA advice, in relation to our situation, was to exit completely from all contractual obligations. Carl James Associates achieved that aim for us during a period of some months, during which we were informed of progress as appropriate. Carl James Associates were most courteous and attentive throughout, and clear in their instructions to us on how to respond to any messages from the timeshare company. We commend Carl James Associates to other timeshare owners who are having difficulty.”

Mr & Mrs B, West Sussex – Date relinquished 27/04/19

Date relinquished: 27/04/19

“We have had a lot going on recently and we were happy when Carl James Associates could come to see us, not us going to them.
Carl James have helped by taking the pressure of this off us, with the way things progressed, and the updates were excellent.
We have had our relinquishment letter and are so happy.”

Mr & Mrs S, Romford – Date relinquished 18/04/19

Date relinquished: 18/04/19

“Hi Charlie,
We are both well thank you.
Thank you to Carl James Associates and the solicitors, both have been very helpful, and Trevor and I were both relieved to get the letter confirming the relinquishment of our timeshare with Club la Costa. It’s difficult to know which company to trust as you hear so many horror stories. Carl James have understood this and worked with us to give us reassurances that we have found a company that wouldn’t take the money and run.

Thanks again”

Mr & Mrs R, Stoke-on-Trent – Date Relinquished 10/04/19

Date Relinquished 10/04/2019

“The process seemed a little slower than we expected at the start, but then there was a rush of information, as they got onto our case, and we were copied into everything all the way though. From the experience previously, trying to do this over the last three or four years, we feel we have finally got somewhere. We have even said, if anyone wants to contact us, we are happy to help, we know what a nightmare it can be. The process has been straight forward and Carl James has guided us through it.”

Mr & Mrs S, East Lothian – Date relinquished 18/03/19

Date relinquished 18/03/19

“Customer Statement re. Carl James Associates. My wife and I came into contact with Carl James Assoc. simply as the result of a cold telephone call. We had had a bad experience in our efforts to relinquish our membership of Club La Costa, and the telephone call we received seemed to offer a further genuine route to this end. Thus it was only the next day that there consultant visited us and, in the course of about two hours, he gave us reassurance that his company could help us to relinquish our membership, putting us in touch with Regulated Solicitors. We have since received written confirmation that our membership is indeed terminated. We highly recommend Carl James Associates for their professionalism, courtesy and continued attention.”

Mr & Mrs M Cambridgeshire – Date Relinquished 05/04/19

Date Relinquished 05/04/2019
“Dear Diane, We received the confirmation of our Diamond Resort relinquishment today. Thank you to Carl James Associates for putting us on the right track to be able to do this. Being a cold call initially, we declined the offer, but after a second call a month or so later, decided to take the offer of a home visit explaining the details and how it worked. This persuaded us, and, time being of the essence, procedures were dealt with, and all our questions answered very quickly, while being passed on to the solicitor for the legal work. Throughout, there was personal contact by telephone and letter and we are very pleased now that we took up the offer from Carl James Associates. We would recommend the company to anyone looking to relinquish their Timeshare. Kind regards, A & P M”

Mr B & Mrs S – Date relinquished 08/04/2019

Date relinquished 08/04/2019

“Dear Diane, Further to your letter dated 08/04/2018 referring to the relinquishment of our Timeshare ownership. I would just like to say a huge Thankyou to you and all your staff for the way in which you have dealt with this, making it stress free for us, it has been very much appreciated.
Once again thankyou for all your assistance,
Yous sincerely

Mr A. Su, Birmingham – Date Relinquished 27/02/2019

Date Relinquished 27/02/2019
“I would like to sincerely thank all at Carl James Associates for sorting this out and finally releasing me from a dreadful timeshare company. Such a relief to be free of an expensive millstone at last. Best regards, Mr A.”

Mr & Mrs Mc G, Hampshire – Date Relinquished 05/03/2019

Date Relinquished 05/03/2019

“Towards the end of 2018 my wife and I decided to relinquish our timeshares. We chose Carl James Associates and they sent along there representative to our home one Friday evening. He explained the whole process from start to finish and it was easy to understand. When he left we were told that if we had any questions or concerns all we had to do was call.
After a few days the office contacted us and explained the stages of the relinquishment and then proceeded. The whole thing was achieved quickly with very little input from us and we were kept informed throughout the process. Nothing was any trouble and all questions were answered straight away.”

Mr & Mrs A, London – Date Relinquished 05/02/2019

Date Relinquished 05/02/2019

“We were recommended to Carl James Associates when we explored trying to stop our timeshare. We tried and tried in vain with the timeshare provider but they did not help us nor want to help. A consultant from Carl James came to see us where they explained in detail the process they would undergo to relinquish our timeshare and we are pleased to confirm that we have managed to exit the timeshare successfully. It is such a relief to know this will no longer be hanging over our heads. We are very grateful to Carl James Associates.”

Mr & Mrs N, Nottingham – Date Relinquished 20/01/2019

Date Relinquished 20/01/2019

“Finally, we found a company true to their word. Carl James didn’t pressurise us to use their service. We have fallen foul to a number of companies in the past, but Carl James were different. They used real solicitors who we could speak to before we paid out any money. Our consultant explained in detail the process and Diane in the office was on hand to answer any questions and anything she couldn’t answer the solicitors called and answered the questions. Finally, we have legal assurance of release from our timeshare.

Thank you to Carl James Associates”

Mr & Mrs S, Cheltenham. – Date Relinquished 05/02/2019

Date Relinquished 05/02/2019

“Carl James Associates were very supportive in the overall process of helping us terminate timeshare with Club La Costa, they are genuinely well connected and engaged the right legal team to relinquish our Timeshare. The lifelong maintenance fees are ended, and the legal team are working on compensation for the fractional property. I am sure there are many families and individuals like us who have been pressurised into buying timeshare and paying huge annual maintenance fees. We have always struggled to make use of the annual points and on several occasions as we couldn’t reserve accommodation at the places we wanted to travel to, mainly because the places were booked over a year in advance we always ended up visiting places that certainly was not our first choice but we had to try to utilise our points. Over 5+ years we had over 4000 points we couldn’t use as we couldn’t find suitable places for our desired choice of accommodation. More importantly we were not given time to make an independent decision on timeshare it was a rushed commitment to take the timeshare deal.

Thanks to Carl James Associates”

Dr & Mrs T, Renfrewshire. – Date Relinquished 17/12/2018

Date Relinquished 17/12/2018

“Over the past several years I have been approached by organisations offering to get me out of my Timeshare contract, but each of them proved just to be a scam, taking my money but then disappearing into the sunset with my cash. Carl James Associates not only came to see me and offered personal identity, but within 6 months completed the work of relinquishment. There has not been any further communication from my Timeshare company. I now have signed solicitor’s paperwork that all is resolved, and I have no fear of recurring demands for past or future maintenance fees”

Mr & Mrs T, Essex. – Date Engaged service 30/06/2018

Date Relinquished 14/12/2018

“After being conned a few times, we were rather sceptical when we spoke to Carl James Associates about timeshare relinquishment. We meet with there consultant and emphasised the point that we cannot afford to be scammed again, but for us it was third time lucky.

Being able to communicate with Carl James Associates and their solicitors every step of the way was reassuring and a great help, Diane in the office in particular was very understanding. When the case went to the solicitors Stephanie was on hand to calm our worries. Through out the six months we have been under their care any doubt was dealt with. Just before Christmas we received the news, we had been relinquished of our Timeshare…… Relief!!

Carl James Associates were true to their word. We cannot thank you enough.”